Zhejiang Medical University


The popular Zhejiang Medical University is currently located in the eastern coastal region of Hangzhou, which is currently the capital province of Zhejiang. The place lies in almost 180 KM south of mainland China and also one of the most commercially viable places of the country, Shanghai. The place has a history of over 2200 years and is also one of the seven ancient cities of the country as well. The place is also a famous tourist spot too and is being called a ‘paradise on the Earth’. 

The place boasts favorable natural environments along with a very mild climate as well. There’s also the convenient transportation system as well, combined with a rich cultural heritage and also the most picturesque scenery. During the 13th century, the place was hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, by none other than an Italian traveler known as Marco Polo.


The university was founded in the year 1897 and is also one of the earliest institutions of the current China accord. The university is currently a leading research institute that has direct administration of the Ministry of Education for China. The place is also known as the Cambridge of the East. The place has always been ranked as one of the top universities located inside China – mainly in terms of the institution’s strength in research, teaching and also providing social service too. The university is one of the most selective and prestigious members of the C9 League. The university currently has more than 3500 academic staff working in it with more than 45000 students enrolled in the college too.


The current Zhejiang Medical University location is in the area of Hangzhou, which is at the moment the capital city of Zhejiang province, China.

Address: 866 Yuhangtang Rd, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejian, China 310027

Zhejiang medical university admission

The overall intake capacity of the university will depend on the number of vacant seats of the university available in June and July. The admission process is carried out in September of each year. Students from all over the globe take part in such a process. The university has a great infrastructure for performing studies and that too at a low budget as well. The institute has a very diverse culture all around its campus as well. Without further ado, let’s see the overall Zhejiang medical university admission procedures:

  • The candidate should be hailing from a STEM background and should have passed his or her 10 + 2 exams beforehand joining the college.
  • The student should have proficiency in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in his or her’s 10 + 2 exams.
  • The candidate should have secured at least 70 percent aggregate marks in all three subjects from any recognized board of studies or even council.
  • It’s indeed mandatory for the student to be able to speak fluently in the English Language and should be in great health and spirits too.
  • The minimum age for admission is 17 years while the upper limit is set at 25 years.
  • The student should have a valid visa as well as a passport too.

Zhejiang university fees

It’s indeed very difficult for any student to get admitted into the college is he or she doesn’t know about the Zhejiang university fees structure. The following is a detailed chart for the same:

  • Registration – 400 RMB
  • Tuition fees – 42800 RMB per year (the total is 256,800 RMB at the end of the six years course)
  • Accommodation fees – 9000 RMB per year
  • Residence Permit fees – 400 RMB per year
  • Examination of health fees – 400 RMB
  • Health insurance – Covered by the university in the overall tuition fees
  • Miscellaneous fees – 8000 RMB per year

The above chart for the fees excludes the cost of electricity and water consumed by the student, which will be added on as an extra. Furthermore, the above figures are subject to change, which is why the student should always consult with the college authorities before going ahead with the procedure.

Zhejiang medical university ranking in China

Every student tends to know about Zhejiang medical university ranking in China, which is why we have also provided the same in this article guide as well. The current ranking of the university in China is slated to be at three places while the latter ranking of the university is set to place 54 for the QS World while 70 places for the ARWU World.

Zhejiang university hostel

The students who are getting admitted into the university are expected to live inside the Zhejiang university hostel, which is also known as the International Students Dormitory. The students get supplied with two and four-bed options as usual. Each room of the university is fitted with telephones, water supply, internet access, bathrooms, showers, air conditioners and so on. Washing machine and public kitchen are also available to the student as well.