Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University Overview

It is being said that the Dalian Medical University is indeed the largest medical university in all of China and therefore enrols the most amount of MBBS students under its undergraduate programs. It has been reported that almost more than 1500 students from over 50 different foreign countries have already come to the university to join for the university’s undergraduate courses. The university was founded in the year 1947 – inside the southern part of Dalian City, located in China. The founder of the university was Mao Ze Dong.

In the year 1949, the name of the university was changed to the Medical College of Dalian University. Then in the year 1950, the entire system of the organization was canceled and therefore, since then, the university has become independent as well. In the year 1969, the college had moved to Zunyi, for establishing the Zunyi Medical College. Then in the year 1978, the university again moved back to its original position or area in Dalian and thereby continued the business with the same name as the previous one. Then in the year 1994, the university was approved by the SEC or State Education Commission, which is responsible for looking after the MBBS admissions taken by the college. Then in the year 2007, the college had moved again to a new campus located in the Lushunkou District. As of the current day, the university also indulges in other education courses as well, such as law, management, arts, and science.

Dalian Medical University

The university provides the MBBS program in both Chinese and English languages. The institute has already been recognized by the WHO and approved by Medical Council of India to teach MBBS to Indian students. The university covers an area of almost 338,800 square meters with a building area of 269,300 square meters. The current total number of students is around 10,000, out of which 4000 students are undergraduates.

Dalian medical university location

Knowing the Dalian medical university location is one of the most important factors for any student planning to get admitted into the college. The university is currently located in Dalian, Liaoning, China and is therefore under the provincial government of China as well. It is said that Dalian is a second-largest city located in Liaoning Province and is placed after Shenyang – which is the provincial capital. The city is governed by the Dalian Municipal People’s Government and also its mayor.

Address: 9 Lvshun South Rd West Section, Lvshunkou, Dalian, Liaoning, China

Dalian medical university admission

It is said that the Dalian medical university admission procedures are generally preceded by the students first applying from the university’s official website. The application form of the institution can be filled up by both domestic as well as international students. The following are some of the major eligibility criteria of the University for admitting students in the medical field of education:

  • The age of the student should be at least 18 years of age and should have a maximum age of 25 years when applying for the undergraduate courses (35 years of maximum age for postgraduate courses).
  • The student should have the following three subjects in his or her 10 + 2 courses – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • The candidate should have obtained at least 50 percent aggregate marks in his or her 10 + 2 exams.
  • The students should have the financial capability and also good health to study at the university.
  • The candidate should be fluent in the English Language.
  • The candidate should have a valid copy of the visa and passport.

Moreover, the student should keep in mind that MBBS admissions in China are taken in March and September every year, while BDS admissions are taken September of each year.

Dalian university fees

Considering the change in prices almost every day, each competing student should keep in mind about the Dalian university fees structure:

First Year

  • Tuition fees – 42000 RMB
  • Hostel – 8000 RMB
  • One Time charges – 800 RMB
  • Miscellaneous – 2500 RMB
  • Total First Year fees – 53300 RMB

Second-year to the Fifth year

  • Total fees – 52500 RMB each year

Dalian medical university ranking in China

It’s not easy for any student to know the Dalian medical university ranking in China, but we’ve made sure to put in front of the data. The university is placed at 144 places nationally and the same university is placed ta 1285 places all around the world.

Dalian university hostel The Dalian university hostel facilities are indeed up to date with the latest technologies and amenities for the students who are arriving to study at the institute. The university provides comfortable apartments to the students as such rooms are provided with internet access, bathroom access, TVs, hot water supply for 24-hours and the likes. On each floor of the hostel, there are also public laundry and kitchen facilities too.