Chongqing Medical University


CQMU or Chongqing Medical University is one of the key universities mainly under the administration of the municipal government of Chongqing. The university features an integrated educational system not only for undergraduates but also for the students opting for master’s and postgraduate courses as well. The university is one of the thirty medical universities located in China, which has been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, which allows the institution to enrol students from foreign countries as well. The university has been recognized by the WHO or World Health Organisation and approved by MCI.

The college was established as the Chongqing Medical College in the year 1956. The university has been in development for almost sixty years now and has, therefore, become a major public university for teaching medical students on a mass scale. In the year 2013, the university was ranked in sixth place among all the other universities located in China. When it comes to overall education and discipline, the university ranks in 12th place among all the other Chinese universities.

The institution has 19 colleges under its wings, which allows the college to provide 38 Ph.D. programs, seven post-doctorate courses, 86 master’s programs and 27 specialty courses for the undergraduate students. As of the current day, the college has over 27000 students, which includes over 500 Ph.D. students as well. The number also includes 600 foreign students too. The university has at least six affiliated hospitals under its name, 30 teaching hospitals and also 9 affiliated hospitals under the name of its administration. The university is also responsible for carrying out numerous research projects, which also includes state-level projects – which are backed by the National Basic Research Program. The college ranks at number 47 when it comes to college publications.



When talking about the Chongqing medical university location, it should be noted that it is established in the largest inland port city of China, known as Chongqing. The place is located in the southeastern part of China, where two rivers namely Jialing and Yangtze meet together. It’s also one of the five principal cities in the country of China as well.

Address: China, Chongqing, Yuzhong.

Chongqing medical university admission

While it can be cumbersome for any prospective student to know the actual Chongqing medical university admission procedures, which is the reason why we have included such information in our article guide. The following are some of the main things that interested student should keep in mind:

  • The student should of STEM background and have studied subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics in his or her 10 + 2 standards.
  • The candidate should have scored at least 70 percent marks in his or her 10 + 2 exams from a reputed council or board of studies.
  • The student should have a valid passport and visa to study abroad.
  • Since the student is obtaining education from the Chinese Government, he or she should abide by the rules laid down by the government. Furthermore, the student should have good health.
  • The fluency of the English Language of the student should be high and he or she should be able to communicate effortlessly in the said language.
  • The minimum age of entry is 17 years whereas the maximum is 25 years of age.

Chongqing university fees

Knowing the overall Chongqing medical university fees structure of the institution is of utmost importance to any student out there who is trying to get admitted into the college. The following is a detailed chart showing the respective students regarding the various fees charged by the college:

  • Tuition fees – 30000 RMB per year
  • Total tuition fees – 180000 RMB at the end of the sixth year, since the course duration is six years
  • Application fees – $70
  • Accommodation fees – 4800 RMB for a double room, while 9600 RMB for a single room

The above figures are subject to change and therefore it’s always suggested for the student to confirm the same from the college authorities first hand.

Chongqing medical university ranking in China

During the admission period, the respective student should always judge the university in terms of rankings. The Chongqing medical university ranking in China is said to be within the range of 86 places. When considering the worldwide ranking of the college, it’s placed at number 953.

Chongqing university hostel

The Chongqing medical university hostel has two separate campuses to house all its students, both from national and international origins. The total area covered by the campus is more than three million square meters. Both of the campuses have suitable apartments to house all the international students. Students should book their rooms at the respective campuses before their admissions so that they may get their desired dormitories as they want. 

Each room of the hostel is fitted with all the basic amenities, which means that the student doesn’t have to worry about anything apart from studies.