China Medical University


CMU or China Medical University was established in the year 1931. It’s also one of the most reputed and also preferred colleges in the country of China as well. The university was established as the Red Army health school and also as the Red Army military medical school. It was also one of the first medical schools that were established by the communist leaders in China.

china medical university

The university is known to have produced many well-known and renowned experts in the field of medical sciences, including scholars and leaders as well. Various renowned personalities, as well as the ministers from the National Health Administration along with the education sector, have been nurtured by the university. Even the Health Ministry of the country and the members of the China Science Academy & Chinese Engineering Academy have been provided by the university as well.

It has been reported that China Medical University is one of the top medical colleges located in China to study MBBS. It’s also the first institution to provide various Medicinal and Pharmacy programs too. The university also likes to promote the college’s medical education by partnering or collaborating with other reputed universities around the world. Through these partnerships, the college mainly focuses on providing better research and education programs for both national and international students.

The college is responsible for providing courses in both English and Chinese languages. The university provides undergraduate MBBS course through a six-year study plan. While the university’s master’s program in medicine and pharmacy extends through a three-year plan.

China medical university location

The current China medical university location is very significant because the college is located inside the Shenyang area of the Liaoning district, in China. 

Address:  No. 91, Xueshi Road, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404

China medical university admission

It’s indeed very important for any student, who is trying to get into the university, then knowing the China medical university admission procedures will be a pretty great deal as well. The following eligibility criteria should be kept in mind for the same:

  • Students who have already completed their 10 + 2 exams are eligible for the course and the student should pass the exam with at least 50 percent aggregate marks as well.
  • The main subjects of the students at 10 + 2 level should be consisting of these subjects – Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • In case the student is coming from a foreign background, then they should abide by the rules set up by the Government of China.
  • The minimum age of entry for the course is 17 years while the maximum is 30 years.
  • The person or student should be having a good academic track record.
  • Candidates should be able to provide the relevant certificates as required and also have good health and well-being too.
  • The student should be very fluent in the English Language.
  • Must have passed NEET-UG conducted by NTA

Besides, if the student is coming from any other country other than China, then he or she should have a valid passport along with a visa as well.

China university fees

Before any student gets admitted into the college, it’s indeed essential to know the overall China university fees structure and therefore make the decision, whether he or she would be financially capable to support that academic course.

Tuition fees

  • Bachelor fees – 32000 RMB to 40000 RMB, per year
  • Master’s fees – 42000 RMB, per year
  • Doctorate fees – 45000 RMB

Accommodation fees

  • The 15th, 16th and 17th Dormitory of the university – 7500 RMB for a single room, per year

Other fees

  • Application fees – 800 RMB
  • Service fees – $50
  • Living expenses – 2000 RMB to 2450 RMB, per month

Moreover, it should be kept in mind that such an above fee structure is subjected to change daily. Therefore, the concerned students should always get in touch with the respected authorities to know the current rates or fees structure.

China medical university ranking in China

It has been reported by the World Report for the Best Global University Ranking and also in the US News as well that the China medical university ranking in China is at number 10. Similarly, the same university has been ranked at number 55 in all over Asia and also ranked at 345 around the whole world. The reports are current and had been released in 2018.

China university hostel

It should be remembered that the accommodation opportunities provided to the students by the China university hostel facilities are indeed wonderful to see. The students will be amazed to see that the living cost of such hostel facilities is lower than any other country in the world. All the rooms are fitted with essential supplies, such as desks, chairs, beds, telephone facilities and so on. Furthermore, the students will have separate hostels for both boys and girls.

Also, students need not worry about security as well, because, they are deployed at all hours of the day.