Anhui Medical University


AMU or Anhui Medical University is one of the oldest established universities located in China. The university is located inside the Hefei region of Anhui province, in China. The province has been currently honored with the State Innovation award for technology and science. Also, around those two located campuses of the university, there are other located universities as well. They are namely – Hefei Institutes of Physical Sciences of China Academy of Science and the University of Science and Technology of China.

Over time, the overall subjects taught by the university has been extended and now has been created up to almost 23 subjects for a comprehensive course. The subjects that are taught in the university cover various medical fields such as public health, clinical medicine, health management, preventive medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, nursing and so on. 


The university was formerly known as the Shanghai Southeast Medical College, which was founded in Shanghai by a group of overseas students. The university was founded in the year 1926 and the main idea of those people was to create a medical university to save the Chinese people from various kinds of sufferings. Such sufferings were inflicted upon by diseases and such. One of the main concepts that the university insists on its important concept since its establishment was not only to promote the best medical teaching methods but also provide grounds for medical research as well.

The teaching staff of the university provides both national and international students with the required teaching methods. That too with very well-equipped laboratories and also internet access across the campus.


AMU or Anhui medical university location is placed around the beautiful city of Hefei, which is currently the largest and capital city of Anhui Province. The city is said to be perfect in terms of the economic, political and cultural center of China. The city is said to be almost 2000 years old and was nicknamed as Luyang or Luzhou. The educational and scientific city constantly boasts of numerous talents both in the past and present (and also in the future). 

Address: Hefei, Anhui, China

Anhui medical university admission

Before applying for the Anhui medical university admission process, the following things should be kept in mind by the student who is in-change:

  • The student should have a valid visa and passport to be able to study at such a university.
  • The candidate should have a background in science and should have studied the following subjects at his or her 10 + 2 study level as well – Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • The student should be very fluent in the English language and should be able to communicate easily.
  • At least 70 percent of aggregate marks should be obtained by the student who is applying for the same.
  • The minimum age for admission is currently 17 years while the maximum is at 25 years.

Apart from these eligibility requirements, the students must supply all the relevant certificates and documents required for admission. The candidate should always abide by the laws of the country and should be in good health condition too.

Anhui university fees

For some students out there, Anhui university fees structure can be a big criterion in deciding whether he or she wants to get admitted into the college or not. This is because not all students have the same financial backing of their families. The following fee structure should be kept in mind for the same:

  • Tuition fees – 25000 RMB per year
  • Hostel fee – 4000 RMB per year
  • Total fees at the end of the six years medical course – 150000 RMB

The consensus for this fee structure is that students should always consult with the college authorities before filing the admission form. The number of fees to be paid by the students can differ on a per-year basis.

Anhui medical university ranking in China

Without further ado, let’s look at the current Anhui medical university ranking in China, which is at 95 places. The ranking is not too bad considering the overall infrastructure of the college. The rank figures will change each year so students need to be always updated with the latest figures. The ranking of the university around the world is kept at 914 places. The University is approved by MCI

Anhui university hostel

Every international, as well as national student, will get support from the Anhui university hostel in terms of accommodation facilities. Particularly for the international students who are coming from far away lands, they are greeted with dormitory rooms fitted with the best amenities. Such amenities include air conditioners, telephones, separate toilets and bathrooms, internet access 24×7, refrigerators to store food and the likes.

The students should remember that such accommodation is based on the first-come, first-served basis, which means that you need to perform the reservations quite before your allocation date.